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  1. Hi! I’ve downloaded the update for utorrent. Deleted the old one and had the new one up. But its says unable to start:

    Cannot start because required game data is missing or damaged. Please repair or reinstall the game via Origin.

    The previous all in one was working perfectly fine.
    Please and Thank You.

  2. I tried installing the update and my computer accidentally shut off mid install. Now when I try to install it again I get an error message. This is what it says:
    β€œAn error occurred while unpacking: Unable to write date to disk!
    Unarc.dll returned an error: -11
    ERROR: archive date corrupted (decompression fails)”

    • Oh, sorry to hear that. It sounds that your downloaded files might be corrupted. Try right clicking the torrent on Tixati and doing a “force recheck”, it should redownload whatever is broken.

    • Oh no! What could have happened? Do you have two versions of the game (Origin and Off Line ) on separate folders? Maybe that’s why. Another reason might be Origin running in the background with an account that does not have Realm of Magic, hence why you have to kill Origin on your task manager each and every time right before you play.

        • You need to watch my tutorial to see what you’re doing. It sounds you might have “updated” the origin version instead of the off line one inside Program Files/The Sims 4.

          Also, check that you’re running the game from Program Files/The Sims 4 and NOT the one inside your Origin folder.

  3. Hi! Thank you very much for all of this, but I have a problem: When I click download for this update, it says that my browser (Firefox) doesn’t know how to open it and that I need to install other software to open this adress – can you give me any advise for what do do exactly?

  4. I have a problem where when I exit build mode the UI disappears and I cant do anything so I have to quit the game in task manager

  5. When I try to get Realm of Magic it says I need to go through your RePack… but earlier when I chose the packs I wanted and had I checked RoM but I cannot find the file. Did I do something wrong?