The Sims 4 Freelancer All in One Customizable [Anadius]

New Objects

  • Bookcase: Edgier LadderCase
  • Desk: Anglette Desk
  • Desk Chair: The Professional
  • End Table: A Cute Anglette
  • Decor: Not So Simple Pen Holder
  • Decor: Hand Reference Model
  • Decor: Robo, The Friendly Circuitry Kit
  • Decor: The Note Book
  • Laptop: FreeRoam Portable Computing Device
  • Wall Decor: Better As A Pair Of Paintings
  • Wall Decor: Supreme Freelancer Award
Laptop (finally!)
Large Tablet 😍
Plain White Shelf & Freelancer Award
Freelancer Desk, Chair and Book Shelves

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  1. Hello, I downloaded the expansion packs but when I click setup it says ”Base game not found in selected install location. THE GAME WILL NOT WORK. Continue anyway?’. I already have the game from Origin back when it was free but I added a different folder for the expansion packs. Could the game from Origin be the problem?

    • Oh, you need to install both base game and all expansions when you use this installer on a new folder. And you’re doing it right when you say that you are installing it on a separate folder, you need to have two installs, one for the base game only, another completely separated for the full Off Line version of the game. You run the base game only with Origin when you want to play on line and, if you want all the DLC, you need to CLOSE ORIGIN first, then run the off line game.