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  1. Hey, I downloaded All In One Portable version. It’s so awesome. Now, how to download everything (DLCs and patches) that came after I downloaded the game? Or how to download a specific stuff pack, say, Realms of Magic?
    Thanks 🙂

  2. O M G. I watched your video, I did you said, and… It went really well. Really. When I went into my game there was no update (casue I chose the update one only) and then I realised that something went really wrong. I left my game, and checked my files but THERE WAS NOT TRAFE of ts4 x64… only 32… I turned off my laptop, cause I got really maaad. And when I turned it on again there was no ikon of the sims 4 on my desktop. I decided to unistall it and install again but for god’s sake… there is no the sims 4 files in my system settings when I usually manage everything. But I still can go into my game from the disc location. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED and I’m terrified because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do! I really did everything you said in the video. And now everything is s***** up. 🙁 PLEASE HELP

  3. I think I’m a real dum… I don’t get what I suppose to do :/ I want to download only the newest update and Realm of Magic as I have everything else from your site and I just don’t get it how? Can you explain it to me? I’mma s**er when it comes to IT stuff.

  4. I also cannot for the life of me locate the download link. I’ve tried different browsers, I’ve tried VPN on and off. Nothing. Is there an alternative?

    • What do you mean? The download link looks like this, but with large pink letters: ⏬DOWNLOAD⏬ and you need to browse through the next few pages to find it. I did that so you can all read the instructions to install the game correctly first, otherwise you might end up with problems if you installed it incorrectly.

  5. I havent download ts4 basegame yet, and i wanted to download it with the realm of magic pack.. do i have to download ts4 base game first or does this all in one pack include the basegame as well..

  6. Okay, So I may be dumb for this, but I’ve read All 4 pages of this article and have seen No download links to anything besides the Malware advertisements. No pink links to anything other than Adsourced websites, While not trying to sound like a choosing begger, and I understand the needs for revenue generation, BUT could we go easy on the hyperlinked text from infolinks? Literally half of this article was Pink Hyperlinked text from Infolinks. If only I could block specific Known ad sources with out setting off the ad block sensor. I literally can not find the download link anywhere.

  7. Just gets stuck on vuze

    Downloading From :magnet:?xt=urn:btih:…
    Found 0
    Trying secondary lookup service
    Secondary lookup failed: no sources found
    Metadata download created

  8. I’ve been playing since yesterday and while creating a magic sim the different eye colors don’t work I can select them but then only the usual eye colors appear do you know why this is happening.
    Im also having issues with my mods they are activated in the game options and in the folder but they dont appear in the game either.
    thanks for uploading tho! <3

  9. Hi. I was wondering since I had the last version, (154.120.1020) is there a no-origin-fix for this since I have origin but want to use this on it.

  10. Hi!
    Just wondering, i downloaded the entire portable pack a few months back but deleted it while cleaning out my pc.
    I’m trying to install the latest all in one again but the download speed doesn’t go higher than kb/s, i was wondering if this is an issue with the download or if it’s an issue with my personal download speed, as i see everyone’s download speed is also that slow?

  11. hi! so the download has said ‘connecting to peers’ for the past couple hours. im not super knowledgeable about torrents etc so it might be really obvious/easy but i have no idea :/

    Been trying to download since you gave us the link on 10/9/19 but it doesn’t work, my download has been stuck at 59% for the last 8 hours with 10-30 seeds, I’ve tried with my usual torrent (quite obsolete) and got another version, still doesn’t work, help please 🙁 thanks! <3

    • Sorry to hear that, there’s plenty of seeds for the torrent, though, it should have gone through fast enough.

      I don’t see your ip on my peer list, so I can’t give you priority, maybe you finished already?

  13. my sims game is kinda broken after i updated it to realm of magic. The thumbnails are messed up and the realm of magic rings-bracelet is invisible

      • i do use tons of cc. i tried the sims 4 validator and this is what i got

        Game version:
        Crack version:
        Folder: The Sims 4
        Hash mismatch:
        --- quick scan ---
        Missing files:

        Unknown files:

        • i’ll remove all my cc and see if it still happens. If it still happens, will uninstalling it and downloading a fresh copy of the sims 4 all in one (portable) solve it?

          • Hum, the validator did not catch any issue, if you can’t make the game work properly after removing mods and CC I don’t know what else you can do. Maybe update windows and the video drivers? Run the game in windowed mode? Trying to move your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 folder temporarily somewhere else, so the game acts up as if it was new, without any saves or anything else?

          • ok so i removed my cc and everything looks perfect. i gotta figure out the rest by myself i guess. Thanks for the super quick release!

  14. Hi 🙂
    I downloaded the all in one portable version of realm of magic, and i can’t find any setup.exe in all of the downloaded folders xD
    Thank you for the quick release 🙂
    I hope you can help xD

    • The portable versions have no setup, you just follow the instructions in my video or this page, which are basically copying the files where you want your game to be and running from there (or even running it from where it is after you finish downloading if you like the idea too!)

  15. Hi 🙂

    I downloaded the all in one portable version of realm of magic, and i can’t find any setup.exe in all of the downloaded folders xD

    Thank you for the quick release 🙂

    I hope you can help xD

    • Oh no, it does not have a setup, you just copy the files where you want your game to be and run it! That’s the beauty of it 😇

      There’s a video tutorial showing each important step in case anything goes wrong.

  16. Thank you SO much! I have been dreaming of this pack for years! I registered just to say thank you and everyone who helped you <3

  17. I may need some help, please! Whenever I click continue and my uTorrent opens, the torrent file size is always 0B even though I have disk space available, and it just doesn’t want to load or download. What do I do?

  18. So there is NO torrent??? I tried the link a dozen times and just keep getting this:
    Downloading From :magnet:?xt=urn:btih:…
    Waiting for DDB initialization…
    Found 0
    Trying secondary lookup service
    Metadata download created
    Secondary lookup failed: no sources found
    Yes… I use a VPN. Yes… Vuze is configured to use my VPN. So what gives???

  19. My dear Anadius!! I’ve been here from sims 4 get famous…thanks for the effort you put to make us happy …Thanks for you and your crew who works hard to handover these updates as fast as u can!! LOVE YOU!!

  20. Can you please include a screenshot or something on where this pink “DOWNLOAD” button is? I do not see it anywhere at all.

  21. Hi! I was gonna drop by your twitch stream but you went offline ^^”
    anyways, I just want to say thank you and everything worked great! <3

  22. Hi i’m sorry i’m confusing myself, I’m trying to download the pack now, I already have everything else from your previous pack uploaded so this is just the most recent update and the ROM DLC. I’m in the process of downloading the 35.7GB update, is that right? It’s currently downloading at 0.3kb and I have great internet so I’m not sure why.

  23. I Have just bought the Original sims and downloaded the all in one but the installation doesn’t work bc it says i don’t have the 1.55 file what do I do?

  24. i cant download it when i try to click any link it directs me to a page that my chrome blocks :7 what should i press to download? maybe im cliking the wrong links