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  1. Hello,

    Guys, can you help me? I did everything right like in the instructions and the game works, but any of my mods does not. Can anyone help me?
    I have my mods in Documents/ElectronicArts/Sims 4/Mods, and the game in Program Files/Sims 4.

  2. I’m having an issue of the torrent not downloading at all. Like it’s been open in torrent for an hour and I’m still at 0%. I followed all the “prep” steps, any suggestion on what I may be doing wrong or is it just slow b/c of a lack of seeds?

  3. Hi, I already have version including all DLC. And, if I want to update my game to Realm of Magic, which one is for me?
    I don’t know which file I have to choose, All in One Customizable [Anadius] (6/9/2019) or The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Update Only (11/09/2019).
    Well, I think the second one is for me, the update only file. But, I would like to know if I could use the Anadius file instead-the reason is that I’m afraid I might mess up fixing registry part…

  4. Hello, i have download torrents following all directions i had all games but 3 of them i just want realm of magic, each time to install error keep popping iup saying decompressed error, i try different way install all dlc and base not working. But i found one way but im still not able to download, game just appear i owned

  5. Hi, there! I downloaded following the correct link and I am trying to install. After a few minutes, the bar doesn’t move and then I am getting the following error message: “An error occurred while unpacking: Unable to write data to disk!
    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -11
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)”

    Did I miss something? 🙁

  6. Does it have all the files now or are there still some files missing? The page wasn’t updated to say if it includes all of the files now or if there are still files missing.

  7. Hey I was wondering if it’s possible to have both this version of TS4 and the Origin version of TS4 + it’s dlcs as separate entities.

    Would it be possible for me to play this version, and then close it, then play the Origin version with its online stuff?

  8. Hello, I was wondering what’s the difference between closing Origin from Task Manager, and not closing it? what is the reason of closing Origin/What will it accomplish ? I’m just curious so I want to know!

  9. Good Lord I figured it out!!!! After slamming my head against a wall for days thinking that there was a problem with EVERYTHING else, the torrent, my bittorrent client, my network, my system (because AVAST is infallible right?) I finally decided to do some research on AVAST. While they CLAIM to be torrent friendly, since the update and merger of some programs into their Premium service THEY DO NOT!!! And when you contact them on this they try to get info leads about the torrents you are downloading! PEOPLE STOP USING AVAST!!! As soon as I switched (now using Kaspersky and Proton) BAM! Thanx Anadius!

    • OMG! Awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing that information. Yes, it sucks a lot! Many VPNs are against torrenting because it costs them a lot of money to keep pushing and pulling a lot of data. In the past a few would not even let you stream video well, or make it so slow that you’d just give up (specially free services).

      Nowadays things are a bit better, but I guess some companies will still limit you. Some VPNs charge you extra if you want a VPN compatible service.

      Happy to hear you got your download to work now, yay!!

  10. Hi! Thanks for the game but I have a problem. I can’t download it, when I click download, then click to continue – nothing is downloading :/ the “click to continue” button opens a white tab with no name and the name of the link is
    i don’t know what to do, i’m trying everyday at different hours, but it’s still the same. I used different browsers but it’s the same :(((
    I’ve watched the video how to download – the window that asks if you want to download doesn’t appear, it’s just blank page with nothing.
    It would be nice if you could help, please

    • It is the normal behavior, you get a blank page but your torrent client (Tixati, uTorrent etc) will start downloading, or your browser will ask you what to do (which program to use to open the link).

  11. Hi there thanks so much for the pack release! I was very excited to play realm of magic and the download/setup worked perfect for me, but I’m having an issue with my game. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find anything helpful so I was wondering if you could help me. My sims are unable to interact with other sims fully. I click on another sim but no social options come up, only “more choices” or the MC command center option. I don’t know what to do, any help would be much appreciated thanks again for the download!

    • That sounds like a broken mod, specially considering you use MC Command Center. You might need to update or disable some of the mods that might not be up to date and compatible with The Sims 4 Realm of Magic.

      Every time they update The Sims 4, you have broken mods. There’s even a few The Sims 4 Broken Mods lists around exactly for that reason sooner after each release. 😟

  12. So after some searching I decided to try something else and turn of my AV. Now all I am getting is to restart the download that there are not enough seeds and sources. EVERY OTHER TORRENT IS WORKING FINE!!! But this one no. I keep getting no sources…

  13. Hi Architect, first of all thanks a lot for your work. I’m having issues with the new all in one customizable by Anadius. I have the original base game + all the DLCs downloaded by your site (G4TW versions). This time I choose this one bc I had missed latest updates (the 5th anniversary, moschino stuff and realm of magic obv). I followed the instructions so I downloaded the whole torrent, updated the game in Origin (as written in the interactive instructions) and downloaded the ts4-origin-dlc-installer, then installed only the two dlc I was missing. Now when I open the main menu it’s like I only have this two and if I click on the other one logos it says “download to play” and that I need to connect to do so (no origin opened in background). I don’t understand if I made a mess actually. I put the new installed files in the old TS4 folder together with the old ones.

  14. So I just tested what you said. I am able to download other torrents. As a matter of fact I have something else downloading right now. And it is working fine. No errors saying that there was no torrent. So now what since it seems to be just this one???

  15. I am STILL unable to download this. I keep getting the same error that there is no torrent. I have tried everything INCLUDING running naked without my VPN. What do I do?

  16. Hey friends…..

    I don’t have the moschino stuff or the update that came up with 1000 new objects…today I got the new 1.55 update with realm of magic, I thought the items that came with 1.54 patch will also added with 1.55 patch..but they aren’t….so my question is if I need those huge update that came with thousands of new objects, do i have to download 1.54 patch too?? Or will they added if I only download moschino stuff?? (Sorry for bad English)

  17. When I go to download the All in One Customizable, the file for the Magic pack doesn’t show up? It shows the new patch and Moschino stuff, but the Magic pack file isn’t anywhere to be found. Is it still not available?

    • Weird, it is available and you posted your comment in the correct post. I tried the link and it gives the correct torrent, so I don’t know what could be happening, are you using the right executable or playing the one from Origin instead?

  18. hello architect! i had the portable version of the sims 4 all in one and i decided to delete everything and have the customizable one because the file is only 25.2 GB, i had no issues with the download and everything was simple to follow thanks to the instructions in your site … the only big issue is that the game lags too much … i played without mods to see if everything was okay … i waited 8 to 10 minutes to make my sim go to the magic realm and it’s stressing me out. do you have any raccomandation for me about it? maybe i did something wrong? i should delete everything again and download again the portable version? i never had issues with that one so i don’t know what happened 🙁 i made all the exceptions for the game with my antivirus, i downloaded everything correctly so i really don’t know ….

    • Well, if the game runs, it means you did all right.

      You can change a few settings in the game menu, like using laptop mode and running the game in windowed mode.

      Also, if possible, have your game installed in the fastest possible drive, that helps.

      How much RAM do you have? I know that Sims is a more processor intensive game than a graphics one, and to play games you usually want to have 6 GB of RAM or more, again, if possible. 4 GB is kinda the minimum. The more DLC you have, the more resources you will use.

      • i have 4 GB of RAM unfortunately but then again .. i never had any problem with the portable version of the game from your site and i have just three new things (moschino, the free stuff from the anniversary and realm of magic) and it lags too much. the lag i’m getting i used to have it in the previous version with 1000 mods and more plus reshade plus the hq settings …. i’ll try to change the settings from the menu, i’m not sure about the ” drive ” thing i’m not very good with these kind of things sorry ahahhah i will search it and try that too, if nothing helps i’ll just delete everything once again and go back to the portable version …. thanks 🙂

  19. First of all, I really want to say thank you for this! I hope you know just how much we appreciate what you all do! That being said, I’m sorry to bother you but for some reason I can’t go to glimmerbrook? I can use all the furniture and stuffvand even tried to custom a household in glimmerbrook through manage household but for some reason when I try to open up its map(?) it only comes out as white? I can open notif and gallery while in that place but can’t go to worlds. I’ve tried re-downloading and re-installing but it still won’t work. Do you have any more ideas I can try? Once again, thank you!

      • Thank you! The gallery I was referring to was the sims gallery, not the online one, it was just that it was a blank page but I could click on the widgets on the upper right corner but couldn’t click on the world. Anyway, I took off some mods and it’s working perfectly now! I was too focused on removing CCs that I forgot about the mods and when I tried removing a few from those instead, it finally worked. Thank you very much!

  20. Hi! Could you please send a screenshot of where the download button is? And on which page?
    Sorry, I can’t seem to find it lol

  21. I finally found it, sorry! I’m actually a colorblind person, so it was pretty hard for me to find it, sorry to spam! Would you please be that kind and tell me if files are already completed? Like if the product is already finished?

    • Oh? I am colorblind too (perhaps why I like pink so much)!!!

      You are not spamming at all, no worries, I am here to help all of you. Sorry it took me this long to answer, I woke up not long ago.

      Yes, the files are ready for all the versions.

  22. Hi, don’t want to sound like a total dummy, but I can’t find the link to that torrent of yours. Is it on the page one, or…? Everything I see is ads.

  23. Hi Architect?
    I’m downloading now
    I want to play right now this pack
    But the waiting time is very long
    I understand 🙁
    I hope that many people like this pack
    And I hope to increase torrent seed 🙂

  24. Hi… thank you so much for the files. I’m dying to play it. However, I ran the setup file as administrator as always. But a box came out saying this : “the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.” I don’t understand what happened. I also exclude the folders containing downloaded contents and the game’s location from antivirus. Also, I have disabled the real-time protection but nothing seems to work. Do you have any idea what I should do? :”””(

  25. Hi! I’m currently downloading the DLC only, but I’d like to ask something. Would that consume space in my hard disk? and is it advisable to rewrite some of the files in my installation folder? thank you.

    • Yes, it does take space, of course (a lot of it), unless you install the game on another drive. You can rewrite files, but have an “off line / no origin” version separated from the Origin one to avoid issues, if you can.

  26. first of all, thank you so much for the releases! I found this website a couple of weeks ago and fulfilled all my dreams of playing with every possible DLC I could never afford lol
    but I’m having trouble running the no origin fix, as the installer file isn’t updated and when I try to run it, it says it can’t find the “no-origin-fix-” file in the same folder. will it be updated? how can I fix it? I’ve been dying to play this magic gp!
    thanks in advance 🙂

    • It is not the first time I heard of it. It seems more people are having the same problem and the anti virus is to blame. You need to exclude the folders where you download the game and also the one where you are installing the game into from the real time protection. You might also need to disable the real time protection all together during installation, then re-enabling it after.

      • I finally figured out how to solve this issue!! 😀 I just simply renamed the zip file of the no-origin to “no-origin-fix-” and thankfully the ts4-dlc worked! OMG!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS IN HELPING ME EARLIER ^_^ <3 tho I wasn't able to download the file you've sent me for some reason, (not sure if it was just a poor internet connection) anyways, I hope this easy fix could help someone too 🙂 I'm so happy my game works fine after all that 😀 THANKS A LOT!!

          • Love you to bits!!! <3 <3 <3 Happy Simming to us all! ^_^ Don't stress yourself too much, people also need to work it out on their own too sometimes 🙂

          • Oh my gahd, I feel so dumb right now HAHA!! It wasn’t the right fix at all.. tho it would let the ts4-dlc setup to work it didn’t really made the update work on the game.. SO HERE’S WHAT MY MISTAKE IS: I’m using the wrong setup application all this time.. I tried to use the main set up before, but a warning script pop up detecting my original base game, and so I thought it wasn’t the right one, and as I’m afraid to cause more trouble with my current game, I avoided that.. But, I realized “just now” that my original base game and my DL game were in two separate disks.. therefore, all I need is to proceed with the warning and continue the setup X’D My goodness.. I’m so sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you for my own mistake.. But maybe others have the same mistake as well.. hopefully you work it out.. btw, my “REALM OF MAGIC” is FINALLY installed properly.. HAHA really sorry X3 and Thank you!!! <3

          • Yay! Anadius just wrote me something along these lines, but since I am up for about 20 hours or so, my brain does not work well, he’s going to be happy to know you fixed it! Yay!!!

          • hey! so the antivirus thing didn’t work for me either, and I had the same idea of changing the name in the .rar file which probably had the same result as Sachi2215 and only seemed to work, and in turn made me freak out a little that I messed up haha
            buut I’m also confused by Sachi2215’s solution, should I run the regular setup even though I have the original game?? I haven’t tried it because I wasn’t sure so I wanted to check first. thank you for the time you put into this! <3 hope you're getting some rest after being up for 20h!

        • Turns out all I had to do was just update the game through origin (I’ve been scared of opening origin since I downloaded this repack but indeed it works just fine hahaha). Please disregard my previous comment, and I hope I can help if someone else is in the same situation!

          • Oh, thanks!! It’s great to know! And you need to have two separate installs and you’ll be always fine, that’s why my tutorials tell everybody to install the game to C:\Program Files\The Sims 4

  27. Hello, new here! I tried to download them all but I already have the original sims 4 and a few expansion packs, how do I do it if I already have some of them? Can’t find the tutorial.

  28. Hi ! I can’t wait to get it! Thank you for taking the time to share it <3
    Do you know when it'll be available? An approximation?
    Thanks again ^^ Kiss :3

  29. When I download this do I only get the Realm of Magic DLC? I already have Moschino stuff from 1.54. How do I install this into my game?

  30. Thank you for this! I can’t wait for the rest of the files to be ready, I’m so excited for the pack!
    And I wanted to thank you for this site and your hard work, it makes things so much easier.

  31. where in the world are the links to download. cant click the highlighted areas theyre all ads… i just need updated patch notes… wheres the link??

    • Oh? The highlighted words with dots under them are infolink ads, meaning that Infolinks convert parts of the text into links that take people to their website if you click on them. I am very sorry for the inconvenience, I need the ads to keep the site up. I have a donation link but nobody every donated anything since I started the new site last Christmas (it’s ok, I am not here to profit of you, but I need the revenue from the ads to pay for domain, hosting and other expenses that I make to keep the site running).

      You need to browse through the pages, there’s a pre release of two files only, though, since Realm of Magic is still not ready for us to download in full.

  32. Hello,

    Downloaded the new files patch 1.55…..
    So we have to wait for the torrent or not?

    And what should I download from the torrent?
    I have everything except the new Magic pack.

    I know I should download the no-origin fix and setup?
    That is all?

    Please help me and reply me what I have to get from the torrent to update my game?
    Waiting for the torrent also.

    BIG thanks and regards

    • Hi. Yes, you need to wait for the new torrent, glad you downloaded these files, it will be WAY faster to download the torrent when it’s ready. You will also need the files from the previous The Sims 4 All in One Customizable Moschino Stuff Pack [Anadius].

      The new torrent will consist of the files from the previous torrent, plus the two pre released files on this page (the ones you downloaded) and a few extra files that are still to be available for us to use. I will make a tutorial showing how to combine everything, downloading will be way faster this way.

      • hi thanks for the reply.
        i just dont underdtand why i need the moschino stuff pack, i already have that.
        but okay, i’ll wait for the torrent, i guess it will be up tomorrow?

        • Oh, nice! If you already have it you won’t need it, but you should have the files from the previous torrent to combine with the new ones, that way the new torrent has everything in one single folder at your computer, in case you need.

          This post where we are commenting has more details into the necessary files for each scenario, of course, so you will know what is the minimum you need, that way you can skip downloading the same files over and over again.

  33. If I download the files provided am I still able to play soo I can use the new stairs or will I need to wait till the realm of magic dlc has been released before I can play again?

  34. I downloaded the two links you provided through the link. Which I never do. I usually download through magnets. So when the full download is available…Will we just need to copy and paste over like normal? Are these links just taking from the initial download when it is released?

    • These two files are just two large parts of the download when it’s released, so you don’t have to wait “forever” for the torrent to load properly. I will make a quick tutorial showing how to use those files to make downloading this release way faster than ever before!

  35. why does it take too much time to repack a FREE PATCH. FREE. PATCH. F R E E. P A T C H.
    not even an expansion pack

    i saw you uploading Island Living update 4h after release.
    its been like, a day.

    pls never do that again, it makes ppl mad. really.
    pre release for already released content is a very bad idea. you can do better ik but you decided to do… this

    maybe im just blind but holy dio.

    • Hi. Sorry you feel upset. That’s not the point. This post is up since days ago (I change the date each time I update it, so people know there’s new content). I am not the producer of it, I just share what I find. Those files are available for people who want to pre download part of it, that way they will have less to download when the final files are ready.

      The people who create the mod have their own schedule and their own beliefs around if and when they release what they release. As of lately they are only releasing the off line modded files for DLCs and not for free updates, and it’s understandable, since they’re usually just one week apart.

      You can always use ZLOrigin or the Original Origin if you want those patches as soon as EA releases them, but we can’t just force the nice people who work hard to provide us with their awesome off line versions to go out of their way like that, sorry.

    • Its because you are ungrateful, impatient, and feel like the world owes you something. You are unhappy with the timelines of repack releases?!?! Patch it your got damn self. You get mad at the people doing something they DONT have to do, because it isnt on a timeline that YOU view as acceptable?!?!? Lmfao you need to wake up and go to school. Apparently you never learned what the world revolves around. HINT: Its not you… 🤷🏻‍♂️

  36. Okay, so, for clarification, I should not attempt to *install* the update yet because the rest of the files are not yet available. In other words, I should wait to update my game (the most recent patch with the stairs and stuff) so I can get RoM at the same time. Is that correct?

    • Yes, you should not install anything right now or your game will stop working. You need to have a few extra files that are still being worked on, sorry. Of course, if you download these now and hold onto them, it will be much faster when the remainder files become available, since you’ll be 5 GB ahead of the queue 😉

  37. Will this be risky for the game to play? Should I just wait for the complete patch or it’s fine? I’m not in a rush anyway, but thanks a lot for the effort of sharing this.

    • Hi. Yes, it’s way easier to wait for the full package to be ready, that way you just download the torrent and follow the default instructions without much thought. The major difference is that you will need to do an additional step when you will move the downloaded files to the place where your torrent will be being saved by Tixati or uTorrent, then run a check to make it recognize the already downloaded files.

  38. Hi, please help, I can’t get the download link.. it just have “DOWNLOAD WILL BE HERE”, which is where i supposed it should be.. but not appearing.. I’ve already tried with different browsers but to no avail.. 🙁 thanks in advance!

    • The files are not complete yet, sorry. There’s a partial release and new information if you check the page again, right now. You can download those files if you want to speed up things, but the procedure will be different and a bit more complex than just downloading one torrent and follow the regular steps. It’s nice if you want to have the files in advance, though.

      More information to come when the torrent is alive.

        • You are more than welcome. Sorry there’s no finish product available yet. These pre release posts are important because some people like to stay up to date before things are done and also others like to pre download some files in advance when possible, so they can have the finished game faster.

          This is the first time I share a direct link and a pre release download. I hope it works well in the end.