The Sims 4 Freelancer Update G4TW

This second release of The Sims 4 Freelancer is the latest available Games4TheWorld update only version as of April 20 of 2019 and meant to be used if you already have the game with StrangerVille installed and running on your computer, no matter which “flavor” you’re using (ZLOrigin, CODEX, FitGirl, Anadius etc).

It is compatible with ZLOrigin, CODEX, Reloaded, FitGirl, Anadius and many other repacks that you might be running (as long as you have StrangerVille already installed). It can also fix your game if you don’t have language files (FitGirl usually repacks English only, for example), so you can use our Language Changer to play in your favorite idiom! 🔣🌐

I wish you all enjoy the game, and thanks to Games4TheWorld for another awesome update! Continue reading for more information and download links…

Included in This Release

🔥 Patch [2019 April 19 Patch] 🔥 Patch [Freelance Career]

Language Files

⚠ Release Notes for Update v1.51.77.1020

Fixed an issue where custom text was not always displaying properly in-game.

Fixed an issue where NPC invites to festivals or to residences were sending Sims to an incorrect destination.

There is still a lingering issue regarding invites to events in Get Famous, such as the talent showcase, and celebrity sightings. We are continuing to investigate those for a future update.

Fixed an issue where Mac players on certain older versions of OS X were unable to launch the game. As a result, we rolled back a fix that was done for Mac players on 64-bit systems that eliminated a false error message which said, “The Sims 4 is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated.”

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  1. Bonjour, je me suis aperçue qu’il me manquait les chaines de langues de la maj, par exemple, je n’ai pas le menu indépendant dans l’ordinateur. Comment puis-je réparer mon erreur ? Merci

  2. Hi!
    I downloaded the anadius version TS4, which means that I installed the base game and only some DCLs (not all of them). I’m trying to get mods/cc but it’s not working cuz it’s not updated. Does it mean that I have to dowload your ”ALL IN ONE” version or is it OK to just download this update?
    I’ll be grateful for every advice, thanks

  3. I have tried downloading before and I’m not exactly sure why it didn’t work. Do I need to have origin already installed on my computer? I have the basegame and a couple expansions and stuff packs already. should i delete everything off of my computer then set up everything I have downloaded? When i tried it before nothing i had downloaded showed up when I went to play.. just everything I already had.

  4. Hello, i’m new this kind of game and I want to ask, how to update it to the newest version? my game version is include the strangerville, after I download the patch from the website you provide, what should i do next? i’m using codex.

  5. I downloaded the patch update but when intried copying ad pasting it into the sims 4 folder it says there is not enough space.Am i doing something wrong??

  6. Hi, I’m downloading this update but do I need to have the basegame already installed or does it come with it? Thanks in advance!

  7. I have completed the download from the link you have provided and Windows Defender detected a threat with a SEVERE value.


    • Yes, that’s to be expected. It’s a false positive, because when you remove DRM from software you need to change the original code, hence why the false positive flag. You need to open your anti virus and tell it to “allow” or “restore” the affected file(s).