The Sims 4 Island Living All in One Customizable [Anadius]

The Sims 4 + All DLCs (Selectable), 17 Languages [Anadius Repack]

The smallest* repack out there! Download only what you want/need. You can install it on any version of the game, no matter where you got it from!

In short: already have base game? Skip “base-files.xbin”. Already have some DLCs? Skip them! And then run “_setup-*.exe”.

Longer instructions in README.txt.

“no-origin-fix-*.rar” is a crack from CODEX!

Password is “origin-fix”. Just in case your anti-virus deletes it and you have to extract it manually.

Thanks to Razor12911 for pZlib and XTool!

FitGirl’s repack is smaller but when there’s a new DLC you need to download ~18GB again.

With my repack it’s just the new patch (3,2GB) + new DLC (size varies from 60MB to 1,9GB depending on DLC type).



Known issues and FAQ in the next pages…

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  1. I recently just downloaded the all in one and tried to play the game but when I click on the icon it says a virus pops up. Is that supposed to happen? I watched your video and everything too

    • No, there should not be a virus. Sometimes your anti virus might give you a false positive though, because a few files were modified to be able to run off line. Therefore I explain in my video that you need to exclude the folder where the game is, as well as the folder where you download it, to avoid problems.

  2. Hello! I have the Origin base game. I already downloaded the dlc-*.xbin and no-origin-fix-*.rar as well as ts4-origin-dlc-installer.exe. I’m not sure what to do next. Where do I have to install the installer? Is it in the Origin file or the non Origin file? and how about with the dlc-*.xbin and no-origin-fix-*.rar files?

    • You can visit Anadius’ Website if you need technical tutorials to do things like what you mention. The procedure I share here is different, you download the entire thing (or just the parts you want) then you run the installer and install the entire game on a separate folder from the origin’s version, that way you can have two versions of the game, on line and off line. There’s also a video on the top of this page showing how I do it myself. πŸ™‚

  3. Hello! Im doing excactly as you say, i scroll through the articles,i go to page No9 and i open the DOWNLOAD then this window with the emoticon come up. I do have the uTorrent downloaded but the page that opens says untitled and nothing is happening..

    • Well, if the CC is compatible with 1.52.100 yes. Otherwise no. The only difference between this version and the one from Origin is that it works without the need of an internet connection (hence why we call them off line).

      Perhaps you need to test a few CC items per time to see which one is broken.

  4. Hi..Thank you so much for the downloads….I had downloaded the all in one pack up to Seasons from G4TW website. I played for a while, it worked great! Stopped playing for a few months, now I’m back..So I downloaded the customizable all in one a couple days ago n it installed the missing games I didn’t have, which is awesome…I opened up my game n it worked but I keep getting this message that says I’m running a 32-bit on a 64-bit system n that my game might run into issues. Is there anything u can do to help me with this?…Thanks in advance.

  5. When I click the download link, I don’t get the option to open it in Tixati. It instead takes me to a website whenever I click on the link.

    • Yes, it takes you to a website with ads, then you read the article, click the X, wait for the timer, click continue to website, then you get a blank page with an icon spinning and your torrent client should open automatically or your browser should notify you.

  6. Hi, this works wonderfully thank you! I just want to ask if it is still ok to log into origin after installing the DLCs from this pack? Whenever I start the sims it says that the expansion packs are 32 bit and I’m running on 64 bit and there might be some issues because of this (I don’t know if this is why my sims takes a long time to load or why it lags often)… anyway the pop up box says that to fix this “issue” (I assume to make my game more compatible with my laptop), I just have to log into origin. I’m worried origin will detect the games were downloaded elsewhere and crash my game or something.

    • 1. Yes, you can have TWO installations of the game (1 on line, 1 off line, separate folders for the game itself, same folder for the saves/mods/cc inside Documents);
      2. You should be running the 64 bit version of the game no matter what, since the 32 bit version is only good if you are using Windows 32 and can’t run the 64 TS4_x64.exe
      3. Lag might be caused by slow disk access speed (not using SSD) or not enough RAM (if you have less than 4 GB it will struggle, you should be fine above 6GB unless you’re using tons of custom content)
      4. The “Origin” fixing for when you run the On Line version of the game means that you will change a setting there to be able to run the game at 64 bit. If you plan on using the Origin’s On Line version it’s actually a good idea. Just remember to always keep your games (on line and off line) in separate folders and, if possible, backup your saves between switching, and always end the Origin.exe process with your task manager before running the off line version.

      If you don’t have the same DLC on both Origin and non Origin versions of the game you might lose some content if you have a saved game that you use with one version, then switch back and forth, so be careful and, in doubt, always make yourself some backup.

    • Good question! It is just an unlocker from CODEX that you would need only in a few specific situations. Its password is origin-fix if you need to open it. It has the executables and you usually only need it for troubleshooting or if you have the game “on line” and you just want to convert it to off line and you know what you’re doing πŸ˜‰

        • Not nice, especially that you have nasty ads with big download buttons, some kids could click on them and get nasty virus or spywares without realizing the real download link is at the end of the news on the last page.

          • It’s weird, because I go frequently to the ads filter and block the fake download ads there (sometimes it takes me hours to filter them out). I dumped a couple of ad providers (including pop under providers, looking for a new one, by the way, only for one of the pages, though, I don’t want pop ups all over my site) because of the quality of their ads, but what I use now should be safe. Sorry you saw bad ads around. 😒

          • Adding to Sim Architect’s point: Sometimes the ads you see may differ from what others see as well. That’s where your web activity comes in.

            You might see a bunch of download buttons on your screen disguised as ads, but it will be a different case for others. Mine often shows newly released smartphones, and no fake download buttons, for example.

            This is unfortunately hard to fix. It’s just better to settle down and continue on with your browsing and having knowledge on how to avoid these malicious ads and popups.

          • Yes, I am very sorry for the inconvenience. The ad provider has a tool that allows me to block ads that I don’t like. Every now and then I open the ad and sit on it for hours blocking ads that look like fake download buttons. I tried other ad providers before and they were way worse, some would even show (partially) graphic content or scare people saying they got a virus or something else scammy. Some of those would pay more, but I prefer to have more ads that are less offensive, and I am always hunting for options.

            Some ad networks are very picky and they won’t work if you’re not large enough. Our audience doesn’t have much of a high income, so trying Amazon ads does not work because, putting simply, the few times I tried it NOBODY bought anything (or even tried their free services). That’s totally ok, I just have to do what I can to keep things alive, up and running.

  7. Thanks a lot, really appreciated, I just had to force the whole download to stop and force verify the files to make Utorrent realize that I had most of the files already.