The Sims 4 All in One Customizable [Anadius]

Included in This Release

🔥 Update [5th Anniversary] 🔥
The Sims 4 Island Living Update [2019 June 18 Patch] Patch [2019 April 19 Patch] Patch [Freelance Career]
StrangerVille Patch [Pre StrangerVille] Patch [2019 Lunar New Year]
Get Famous
My First Pet
Laundry Day
Jungle Adventure
Cats and Dogs
Toddler Stuff
Fitness Stuff
Bowling Night
Vintage Glamour
City Living
Backyard Stuff
Kids Room
Dine Out
Romantic Garden
Movie Hangout
Get Together
Cool Kitchen
Spa Day
Perfect Patio
Luxury Party
Get to Work
Outdoor Retreat

Language Changer

DLC Toggler [lets you turn expansions on/off]

😻 Thanks to Anadius, from Games4TheWorld, for this wonderful easy to use installer!

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  1. Hey Sim Architect, since the new update, all the packs that installed for the 1.53 version have all gone… Would I have to download the 1.54 version when it’s available??

  2. Hello. I’ve problem with instalation, because when I clicked “the setup”, it’s shows what language I want to use and after that error comes out “(place where I download files) contains non-latin character. Move instaler to path with basic latin characters only”. What should I do ?

  3. Hey, is the update v1.54 coming soon? It’s been a couple of days and usually we get the crack from someone on the same day that the update releases or the day after, so I thought it was strange that it hasn’t come out yet. I have the basegame from origin so I can’t play until we get the crack.

    • Yes. The expansion pack was not released yet, they’re not making off line patches for updates only.You should be able to play with some tweaks to your documents folder (and also having the two versions of the game installed in separate folders).

  4. Hey. When I try to install it, I get the error message: ” no-origin-fix – not found. Download it and put next to installer.”
    Anybody know how to deal with that? Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Hi, I have an issue when im trying to install some dlc’s since at first i only installed the base game, but the installation process won’t pass from 0.2%, what can i do?

    • Hi. Do you get an error message of any kind? Do you have administrative privileges on your computer? Did you exclude the folder where you downloaded the entire torrent and the one where you are installing the game into from your anti virus real time protection?

  6. Hello.. I have a major issue since a couple of day and i cannot fix it. Sorry for my bad english

    have a big issue with all of your repacks. When i launch the game, my screen is 1/2 totally freezed and i cannot click on anything in the start menu. I cannot close the game too, i have to shutdown my computer..
    I really don’t know what to do. Can you help me ?

  7. Hi. I have a sim repack.. with game ver..… and i wan to update it. What would you recommend me to do. I am new to sims please help..

    • I’d recommend you to use this all in one, but download everything and install over what you have, or uninstall what you have and install this new one on top of it, whichever alternative you like better. Please backup your folder Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 first, just in case something goes wrong.

  8. Hi, I’ve already been here before but I’m having a issue with extracting the dlc. An error pops up for the island living dlc a few times. This is after I stopped using the set up to install the dlc and decided to use the installer. I’ve reinstalled the dlc pack a few times to be sure nothing was corrupted and I have the files excluded from the anti virus too.

  9. Excuse me, may you make an Sims 4 for mac Anadius, please I would love it when I am at vacation to play it, could it be under 40 GB please, I would be okay if not but I will keep looking for one.

  10. Hey for some reason i am only able to play or save the game if i have my antivirus off. Is there a way to play with it on. I have tried running as admin and not letting it be detected by antivirus but then the game just says that it is a intstalation error. Thx for the download tho.

  11. hi, me again! I just want to say to please do prioritise my ip anyways when you find the time, because I am only at 28% and I’ve been downloading for over 6 hours

  12. hi, my download is taking forever so could you please prioritise my ip? I live in the netherlands, thank you so much for everything!!

    • Sorry to hear that. I am turning my computer off right now, going to sleep after being up overnight, sorry. This torrent should be coming up quickly to you, though, since it has a good amount of seeds. I will surely prioritize it for you on my computer when I turn it on later today, but I think you’ll have it all downloaded by then. Where in The Netherlands are you located?

  13. I have downloaded the torrent and tried to install it 3 or 4 times now. An error message occurs that says: ‘An error occured while unpacking: Unable to write data to disk! Unarc.dll returned an error code: -11 ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)’ What can I do? If I get this to work it’ll be awesome 🙂 Thank you for your help in advance.

      • I re-downloaded it and all files were done to 100%. I tried installing again, but the same message as before comes up. In your video I can see several files with the name setup.exe and you say to use the one with the highest number. I have only one setup.exe, the one with the highest/latest number, is that a problem? Do you have another solution for my previous problem? Thanks in advance.

  14. I downloaded it onto an external drive because my computer didn’t have space so I kept origin on my computer’s disk and deleted the sims off of it. It said cannot find base game on selected disk so I downloaded the base and dlcs onto my external hard drive but once it gave me the finishing page it never added a shortcut so I’m not sure how to start it up. Also, when clicking on dlc toggler, I get an error that says “could not read crack config file and lists 3 files.

    • Interesting. First, check your anti virus history and quarantine. As I always mention in my videos, you need to exclude the involved folders from the anti virus real time protection, or modified files (the ones that were changed to make the game run off line) might be flagged as contaminated (false positive).

      You need to find the folder where the installer installed your game. If you followed my tutorial you should have chosen C:\Program Files\The Sims 4 and the game should be under C:\Program Files\The Sims 4\Game\Bin.

      I can’t help much if you don’t follow the procedures I share on my videos, it seems you did things differently, and that’s usually the reason why things might not work if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

      • I followed the tutorial exactly, disabled A/V while it was downloading and installing. Yes i wanted for it to finish downloading, i’ve been downloading torrents since 2001 i’m pretty sure i fully understand how to install modified and/or cracked software. i did everything the tutorial said and i got the error posted that you already replied too. I’m not sure what the issue is from, i guess i could uninstall and reinstall. The only difference in my installer vs what i saw in the video was the .exe i installed only had an install ALL at once, i was not able to select anything individually.

        • Hi. At some point when running the installer _setup- you should be presented with the screen below:

          And you can also choose an option in the menu…

          Are you using the same installer?

          • my .exe is _setup- i do believe it looks like i do in fact have the same installer. Upon further investigation i have found that Sims 4 is NOT in my installed programs list. I will run the installer again.

          • Sorry that it is not working after doing all that. I think you need to open a topic on the Games4TheWorld Club Forum, because your issue is beyond what I can reach technically, I am so sorry. 😢

            Please share the solution you find there with us once you figure it out, I am sure other people will likely be able to use the information once you can discover what was wrong.


  15. Does anyone know that this means?

    Version: [b][/b]
    Folder: [b]The Sims 4[/b]
    [color=#026526][b][u]Hash mismatch:[/u][/b][/color]
    — quick scan —
    [color=#026526][b][u]Missing files:[/u][/b][/color]

    [color=#026526][b][u]Unknown files:[/u][/b][/color]

  16. I have followed all of the instructions. When I open the Sims 4 game it says “The application was unable to start correctl (0xc000007b). Click ok to close the program.” I have already updated .net to no avail. I still get the same error.

  17. Hey, just installed this, working perfectly!! I installed the whole thing, I had a previous version from Fitgirl but would rather just have all the content from you rather than mix and match. However I cant find in the games file on my PC where to import/backup my saves/mods/cc. Please advise how to do this.

    Thanks. :3

  18. my boyfriend did a update on my computer for origins. now everytime I try to play the all in one I get this “Unable to start: the contents of your user data directory were created by a newer version of the sims 4 and cannot be loaded. please update your game via origin to play. [d6f91ffb:29f00e76:00000000:4b0d852b]”
    Ive uninstalled origins and uninstalled all the all in one files and reinstalled the file but I keep getting the same thing, any ideas on what I should do?

    • Interesting, the error should be gone if you are using the version of this post. You can try The Sims 4 Validator and see what it says.

      Also, open the folder Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and delete the file GameVersion.txt (but please open it BEFORE and write down the numbers you find inside of it, in case we need that information). This step alone should remove your error message, but you may want to verify that you are running the latest version of the game anyway.

  19. Hi, I tried to run the 64 bit version, I created the shortcut and everything, and it tells me : Unable to start Initialization error at start up

    but when i run the 32 bit version it works? I really need help

    • Oh, perhaps your windows is 32 bits? Open your command prompt and run dxdiag

      A DirectX Diagnostic Tool window will open and you will have your windows version and build on the third line (Operating System). It will tell you if it’s 32 or 64. Can’t run 64 programs or games on 32 Windows, but then you can just play with the 32 bit version of the game, no problem.

  20. I’ve reinstalled the new repack and it still won’t let me use it after doing so 4 times. I’ve followed all the steps and for some reason something called orangemu is apparently missing.

        • I show it in the video, but that applies if you use the original anti virus built into Windows 10. If you use something else you need to check the procedure, but it usually involves excluding the folder where you installed the game from the Real Time protection.

      • I’m nearly at 380GB shared on this one already, I even think my ISP would start slowing down my upload speed soon if I wasn’t behind a VPN that prevent any leaks of any kind, they have no idea what I’m doing with my Unlimited Internet plan its not of their business. For your privacy, consider a VPN, I use PIA, but there’s lots of other good options, just keep in mind if you do a lot of torrents on private sites that need ratios and such, you may need a port forwarding VPN, there’s not a lot that offers that PIA is one of them.

        • Oh, thanks! Yes, I should start thinking about torrenting behind my VPN. I have a Premium Windscribe subscription for about a year from now on, but I use it only inside of my browser eventually, when I need to access stuff as if I were in another country, or when I want to open The Pirate Bay, which is censored in The Netherlands right now.

          I really hope I can get a nice seedbox service eventually, I saw some that will even convert torrents into direct downloads, if that really works it would be helpful to many people.

        • This one from Anadius (the one of the post you commented) has a lot of seeds already, my own repacks usually have less seeds because you can only find them here (😉 not complaining, I love you all visiting my website as much as you like, the more the merrier, plus I get more ad impressions, of course).

          What do you think about the changes I am making on my website’s design? It feels a bit cleaner, specially for lower resolution screens.

          Thanks again for your feedback and help!

    • Oh, updating the game sometimes breaks mods, sorry. You need to disable all your Custom Content to check if all runs well, then enable a few at a time. Also, since they know mods might be incompatible across versions, they disable all mods in your game until you open the options menu and enable the mods manually again.

    • Updating the game automatically disable the mods, go in the settings of the game and you should be able to enable the mods again, but beware, sometimes mods aren’t compatible with newer versions of the game and may need to be updated.

  21. Got the torrent solved, now we can seed safely for the night at least till enough seeders continue the job, but the pesky ads especially on google chrome are hard to beat with their download links on nearly each one especially is quite invasive

    • An ad for “get pdf extension” sounds like many I killed a couple of weeks before, sorry. I hate those ads as well. I usually remove all ads that have download buttons in it, but it seems that for each I remove, three show up later. ☹

      • FYI There’s also templateguru with big green download button also, on 2 different spots of this page right now, not sure if I help you with that kind of information.

        • Oh, don’t worry, they usually look similar, the ad provider has a page where I can go through all the ads, one by one, then censor them, also one by one 😢

          That’s why it takes hours, because there’s usually hundreds of thousands of ads to review and a good chunk of them I have to censor manually.

          Thanks a lot for the effort on letting me know and all, I did not sleep for the past two days, so I’ll do that when my brain is working better tomorrow or so, sorry.

  22. I’ve never seen a more complicated way to download a torrent in my life, congratulations this time, anyone will click on the wrong links because of your pesky ads, I can record a short video and show you what I see so you could make some cleanup, every single of them offers a big download button that is nowhere linked to the torrent and could cause potential unwanted spywares and adware installation on anyone PC, before it was much easier, now its nearly impossible, go ahead delete this comment, I know you will, I don’t mind and now because of the link being extremely hard to find, there’s not a single seeding source that has the whole torrent active anymore…

    • Hi. I am seeding and there are other people seeding as well.

      I did multiple tests on my end and the “dowload” ads seemed to be gone, I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I usually open my advertiser provider interface and block the ads that look misleading (it’s a very tiring process that takes me hours each time I do it). Then they seem to be gone for some time, then I get a couple of people letting me know it happens again…

      I really need the revenue right now, but I keep working on cleaning up the ads as much as possible. You should be served ads that are relevant to you, unless you block cookies, then perhaps you have lower quality ones.

      • Thanks for your efforts, but I’m extremely paranoid about privacy, so I have a bunch of stuff running that mislead the cookies, delete them and such to make sure none of the ads I see are ever going to be relevant to me, if one day I see one, that would mean I’ve done a bad job with a plugin or extension, I want to stay anonymous, I use a VPN, and a proxy and other methods to stay stealthy as much as I can.

        • Ah! That’s likely why you were contemplated with the worst ads then. That’s a relief, since users like you can spot that stuff better and click where you actually want to.

          That’s why my download link is a plain Text with Emoji besides it, I try to keep that standard and it’s also in my videos, so whoever watches the video should know where to click as well.

          Things will surely get better with time, I am still a very long way to go, but I am improving here and there. We have a very low conversion public, you know, people who do not have much money to spend around (myself included), so I can only get a bit of income if I put a certain amount of ads and lower my quality expectations a bit.