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  1. I’ve updated already but I just need to change the language. I looked everywhere to find the link to this update file, but with no luck, I still can’t find it. Could you please direct me to the link to this update file or just to the language changer? Your help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks again.

    • This release already includes an up to date language strings, so you can use the previous language changer with it with the new version of the game. If anything goes wrong you can go back to English temporarily, as usual.

  2. Hello. I’m glad I stumbled upon this page!
    I’ve been using nosteam’s repack so a bit behind :). I am on version (up to and including Get Famous), so do I need to install all the individual updates since then (I’d quite like the luna pack and freelance career) or can I just go for the “The Sims 4 + All DLCs (Selectable)” and just pick Strangerville, Island Living and Moschino .bins?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi Mr. SimsArchitect,

    I already downloaded and installed the TS4 version 1.54 and Moschino dlc. But I can’t run TS4_x64, it just kicked me back to desktop after white screen loading. TS 32 bit version works fine though.

    I verify the files too, the status is okay no corrupted files whatsoever. My OS is Win 10 ver 1903 with the most updated update. Do you have any idea for this issue ?

  4. Hi, first of all thanks for your work.
    I have an issue, I’ve update the game for the latest patch, following as usual all passages but this time when I see the Moschino Pack it tells me to connect for download it.
    Is it normal? Did I mistook smth?

    • Weird. Maybe your anti virus removed a file? Please visit Games4TheWorld Club and open a topic there. I won’t be uploading these tutorials on YouTube anymore because I got a copyright strike and I still trying to understand what I did wrong, since the tutorials are meant for people who can’t or don’t want to be connected to the internet to play, which should be something completely fine. 😭

  5. Hi Sim Architect! First I wanted to thank you for all the work that you do to help us fellow Sim-goers! I just managed to install all the expansion packs successfully. The only trouble I had was that the expansion packs would not show up on the main home page of my base game. Because I downloaded the Sims 4 directly from Origin, the expansion packs would not show up until I completely uninstalled Origin. Then they just appeared on my sims 4 page like magic!!! Now I have another problem though, unfortunately, because I don’t have origin anymore, my sims 4 won’t connect to the internet. This means I can’t access the public library of households, lots and other stuff. Is there any way around it?? I cannot connect my sims 4 to the internet at all and not sure where to go from now

  6. I have TS4 all in one portable. Can I use this “update only” version or do I have to install the whole All in one Portable with the Moschino Pack in it?